IC card prepaid diaphragm gas meter

IC card prepaid diaphragm gas meter


IC card prepaid diaphragm gas meter

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Shancheng brand IC card prepaid diaphragm gas meter CG-L-G1.6/2.5/4 is a smart gas volumetric meter with prepayment function. It is designed based on our rich experience of smart payment meters. With this meter, Gas Company sells gas to consumer by IC Card through computer management system. The consumer brings IC Card home and inserts IC Card into the meter once. The meter will record the bought gas amount and start auto calculating. The internal valve will close when there is a fraud attempt or lack of credit. Also, the total gas consumed amount and current left gas amount can be inquired and displayed on the LCD by pressing “Inquiry” button.

Application Standards


GB/T6968-1997 for diaphragm gas meters

GB3836.1-2000 for electric components




Technical Features:

1. Mechanical electric signal transfer error is less than 0.01m3 (highest grade in China).

2. Anti gas theft and anti dismounting design.

3. LCD display, with sound and wording reminding device;

4. Anti-magnetic interference device and data auto storage function when power off;

5. Low remain gas volume warning; Low pressure, no remain gas volume and no battery valve auto close function.

6. Over flow rate valve auto close function.

7. It can be connected with an extra alarming device and shut off gas flow.

8. The consumer can check the total consumption gas volume and remaining volume by pressing “inquiry” button.

9. The meter is installed with 4 pieces of A5 batteries for power supply, with very low energy consumption.

10. The IC Card has a 24 digits password and only accepts password input 3 times.

    That means top safety and very difficult to copy the IC Cards.