RX/A Series Gas Regulating Box

RX/A Series Gas Regulating Box


RX/A Series Gas Regulating Box

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    RX/A series gas regulating box is usually used as building-use regulator in first class medium or low-pressure natural gas distribution system. It is a device which integrates filtering, pressure regulating, pressure relieving, safety cut-off, inlet valve and outlet valve together.

Working Medium

Natural gas, coal gas, LPG, and other kinds of noncorrosive gas


Input pressure        P1 : 0.02-0.4 MPa

Output pressure     P2 : 1~4kPa(tunable)

                 1~7kPa(Only RX35/0.4A-80 Model)

Pressure stabili他y accuracy δP: ≤ ±15%

Shut off pressure     Pb:      ≤1.25 P2n

Cut off accuracy:             ±5%

Operating temperature℃ T:     -20 ~ 60

Inside nominal diameter:   DN25、DN40、DN50、

DN80(console model)


●Internal Filter device can increase the regulator’s stability.

● Automatic cut-out when overpressure & manual reset;

●It’s modularized design makes it compact in structure, convenient in installation, and simple in maintenance;

●Internal safety relieving valve will begin overpressure,when the pressure raise because of temperature shift or other external reasons. This can avoid the safety cut-off valve shutting off frequently. relieving

●Die casting aluminum valve body makes the regulator have good performance.