IoT Ultrasonic Gas Meter

IoT Ultrasonic Gas Meter


IoT Ultrasonic Gas Meter

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Ultrasonic gas meter is designed according to the time difference of ultrasonic transmission in the medium
to realize gas measuring. This gas meter can improve a lot in reliability and accuracy because of its all-electronic design, and it does not have mechanical measuring parts so it will not be affected by mechanical wear. This gas meter has advantages like small in size, light in weight, low in pressure loss, low in noise, non-aging, long service life etc. At the same time, this meter has very special anti gas theft solution and very small startup flow rate. Currently, ultrasonic gas meter is widely used in EU, USA and Japan, its performance is much more better than traditional diaphragm type gas meters.

High measuring accuracy, Qmin repeatability<1%

Low startup flow rate, high in measuring sensitivity

Its measuring does not affected by magnet and shaking

Suitable for many kinds of gas

Smaller in size than mechanical diaphragm gas meter, easy to install.

Measuring system is at the middle part of the meter, has good anti gas theft performance.

No moving spare parts, has no noise during measuring.

None contact measuring, high in stability and accuracy.

All-electronic design, strong in extensibility, can match meter reading function like IC card, remotely reading, infrared, NFC etc.

Modular system design, easy to design according to the requirements of the customer, can satisfy the requirements at fast speed.

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