LORA Wan Wireless AMR Diaphragm Gas Meter

LORA Wan Wireless AMR Diaphragm Gas Meter


LORA Wan Wireless AMR Diaphragm Gas Meter

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1. Overview

    YQWG1.6/2.5/4 LORA Wan Wireless AMR Diaphragm Gas Meter belongs to new generation smart gas meters. These meters are made with wireless technology, AMR technology and remotely monitoring technology. They can be widely used to measure natural gas, coal gas, liquefied petroleum gas, and other kinds of noncorrosive gases. They are ideal measuring instruments for modern gas management.

YQWG1.6/2.5/4 LORA Wan Wireless AMR Diaphragm Gas Meter is designed with a microcomputer and a special control computer program to realize its automatic data processing function. Gas Company sets users’ meters default value through gas management system firstly. Then Gas Company reads users’ Consumption in unit time. In this way, the Gas Company does not need to send persons to read the meter, and also the meter realized its real time management function and AMR function. These techniques can broadly improve the gas companies’ gas management level.

2. Technical Features

1. Anti thief and anti-dismantling design.

2. One meter match one wireless address and the address cannot be changed by others.

3. With multifunctional Management System, Gas Company can manage the gas user’s consumption easily.

4. 4 pieces of 5# dry battery and one high capacity Li-battery double power source design to guarantee the meter’s regular service.

5.   Battery low reminding with meter’s LED lighting till new batteries are installed.

3. Capability feature

1. Battery Low Prompt:

This meter uses a High Capacity Libattery and 4 pieces of 5# dry battery. When the dry battery voltage is low the LED will keep on lighting and the valve in the meter will close automatically. Under such condition, you should change the battery. When the battery voltage is low, the meter will also call attention to gas company through GPRS communication.

2. Automatically data saving

While battery low or magnetic disturbance, the meter will automatically saves the remaining amount before.

3. Power off close

When the batteries are taken out, the meter will close its motor valve automatically.

4. Meter management system

This meter is provided along with a gas management system.

Basic system configuration:

1. Windows 98 and up;

2. Memory: 256MB and up;

3. CPU: P-133 and up;

4. Hard disk: 1.2G and up;

5. Monitor resolution: VGA 1024*768;

6. A printer which supports Windows 90/2000/xp

7. Windows office software